Ground Pet Transport

Moving season is coming fast


Professional ground pet transport service. Ideal for snub nose breeds, seniors or pets that just like to keep their feet on the ground. Let the Precious Pets Transport Professionals assist your pets to their new home!

Vehicles out fitted for all weather!


All vans are equipped with auxillary generators & Heat/AC units. We will give your dogs plenty of potty breaks, cats will have access to litter trays and we give water 24/7. We will feed according to their normal feeding schedule. You will have the drivers phone number so you can stay in contact along the way.

Schedule your pet's move the same time you book your Mover


Call us at 888-240-7225 for a free estimate and ask about our Early Booking Summer Discount (ends April 15th 2018).

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Jill, Linda & Joan were long time drivers turned "Travel Specialist" They can assist with your furry family member's travel plans and answer any questions you have.

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