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Holidays over, winter is here

Its time to "Run for the Sun". If your taking the train or flying and need to get your furry family members to your winter home. Fret no more!

Let the Precious Pets Transport Professionals assist you. 


1st time " Snowflake" or long time "Snowbird"

Dec 26-28, 2016 pickups within the Northeast, (VT, NH, NY, RI, PA, NJ and down the 95 corridor. 

Arriving into FL between Dec 30-31st. 


Start the New Year in Sunny FL

Call us at 888-240-7225 for a free estimate and claim your 

"Run for the Sun" discount. 

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Joan & Sherry were long time drivers turned "Travel Specialist. They can assist with your furry family memeber's travel plans. 

Precious Pets Transport, Winter Special

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